E3 Natural Electrolyte 500g


E3 Natural Electrolyte is an Australian made premium Electrolyte drink from the same company that brought you E3. E3 Natural Electrolyte has all the ingredients for sustained effort and rehydration minus the protein. Designed for athletes that have alternate protein sources or are not consuming protein as part of their program.

Made in Western Australia from 90% Australian ingredients.

All E3 Products are HASTA Certified:

The HASTA Certification scheme has been established to enable Australian athletes and consumers to make a clear choice in relation to the Supplements they take.

Supplements bearing the HASTA certification seal have passed HASTA’s comprehensive drug testing screen. It is designed to give competing athletes in particular, confidence in choosing a supplement, knowing that it has the added assurance of being tested for inadvertant contamination with banned substances. No testing can ever guarantee that a batch is completely free from contamination, but purchasing a HASTA certified product significantly reduces the risk.

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